It all started with an idea. Idea to provide the Australian market with the best and ethically sourced Salt Lamps from Pakistan. Our Salt Lamps are ethically sourced from the Heart of Salt Mine factory in Pakistan which is in Khewra district. The Salt Mine is famous for its Pink Salt and the salt is sold as Himalayan Salt around the globe. The Khewra salt mine is one the largest salt mines in the world and it is most popular tourist destination as well.

Image source: WikiPedia

Not only the Pink Salt / Himalayan Salt is sold around the world, but handmade Salt Lamps are also crafted and sold around the globe as well. There are many varieties of a Salt Lamp that are available in the market, and we have procured the best of them at Salt Lamp Artistry in Australia.

Knowing the origin of Himalayan Salt and the benefits it packs in it, we have sourced the best-selling and highly effective Salt Lamps from Khewra Salt Mine by ethically sourcing them.